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Establishing stability: exploring the meaning of home for women who have experienced intimate partner violence PMC

The open coding process revealed a list of codes and themes that were inserted into NVIVO qualitative analysis software. In order to generate the data for this paper, two team members analyzed the data within the perceptions and experiences of stability codes. Particular attention was given to women’s experiences and definitions of housing stability. The two team members reviewed and summarized data on housing stability independently and then met at frequent intervals to discuss emergent themes and to reach a consensus on the construction of the themes for this paper. Yet another definition is used in numerical partial differential equations.

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She was able to do this because she was able to access safe, affordable housing and achieve financial independence. Rosie felt as if her housing was insecure because of the violence she had experienced. She worried about having to leave her home at a moment’s notice. For Rosie, wondering whether or not she would be able to continue to stay in her house, coupled with frequent periods of leaving her home, resulted in feelings of instability.

In their study of homeless women in the UK, Tomas and Dittmar defined home as a place where one feels safe and secure. They found that stably housed women were able to clearly articulate the differences between houses and homes, whereas only 25 % of the homeless women studied were able to clearly articulate the difference between the two concepts. This study illustrates the variations in meaning of home for different groups of women, suggesting the need to understand stability from a variety of different vantage points. Tomas and Dittmar call for a closer investigation of the meaning of home for different populations of women who experience housing instability. Mallet suggests there is a gap our knowledge about the interconnection between gender and home, specifically as it relates to home as a therapeutic, rather than oppressive, place for women .

We argue that meaning and experiences of home, expressed by women as involving feelings of safety and security, are important in defining and securing housing stability for these women. Like Shaw and Padgett , we acknowledge the importance of both hard and soft components of stable housing. In Ontario, Canada, low-income persons leaving violent households are provided with priority access to social housing units. According to the Special Priority Policy Research Taskforce allowing priority access has generally provided these households with fast access to housing that is considered to be financially affordable. However, in municipalities with long social housing waiting lists, women may experience lengthy wait times. We argue that all persons who have experienced IPV should be provided with quick access to housing that meets the requirements of affordability.

Sylvestre J, Ollenberg M, Trainor J. A model of housing stability for people with serious mental illness. Kushel MB, Gupta R, Gee L, Haas JS. Housing instability and food insecurity as barriers to health care among low‐income Americans. Now we can answer the question why your doctor may keep you waiting in the waiting room or why you need to fast before taking a blood test. To understand what your process is doing, you must start with a stable process. Waiting in the waiting room will give you a chance to calm your nerves and start to attain a steady state condition for your body. LIkewise, fasting for 24 hours allows any special cause variation to be reduced and your process to stabilize so the test can accurately measure your process.

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Public Expenditure – The effects of public expenditure on economic stability are numerous. Government should adequately spend in those areas where the focus is required to sustain financial stability. Economic stability refers to a situation where all the essential economic resources of a country are available to its citizens, and no economic swings interrupt their daily lives. It helps achieve macroeconomic objectives like reducing unemployment, balance payments, price stability, and sustainable economic growth. A country that is stuck in long periods of recession or depression also lacks economic stability. Economic instability undermines economic growth, reduces consumer confidence, and discourages foreigners from investing in the country.

In order to better comprehend women’s definitions of stable housing, we also asked them to define stability in their own words, including what stable housing meant to them. We sought to elicit women’s own definitions and experiences of housing stability. As women described elements of their personal experiences across a variety of current and past housing situations, a number of themes arose. We have uncovered a gap between women’s definitions of stability and lived experiences.

Establishing a home allowed these women to heal, rebuild self-identity, and begin to feel safe. Using Giddens concept of ontological security, we argue that home, for these women, contributed to the capacity to reestablish routine and control within their lives, which has the potential to contribute to decreased experiences of anxiety. Women’s definitions stability involved hard or material concepts (e.g. permanency and affordability) comfort and affordability but they also included soft measures (e.g. comfort and consistency) that are cited as contributing to ontological security . After transcribing each of the tape recorded interviews, the process of open coding was conducted by the research team. Coding involved carefully reading each interview and labeling each passage. This process involved meeting frequently to discuss the coding process (see Daoud et al. 2016).

In addition, high inflation hinders or stops investments from other countries as money and assets lose value. Employment Rate – The rate of employment or unemployment shows the degree of economic activity. It accounts for the number of people sitting idle without contributing to the economy.

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Stability is often used to describe buildings or structures that won’t collapse or fall down. Good tires will help you maintain stability on snowy or icy roads. You can use the word more figuratively for a safe environment or a healthy mental state. Hopefully you will provide your children stability and love.

Additionally, our findings point to the importance of providing women who leave with access to psychological and social support while they begin the process of generating some stability in their housing and their lives in general. Our findings suggest that providing these types of supports may assist women in rebuilding a sense of home, resulting in improved health and overall wellbeing. There is evidence that involuntary housing instability may undermine health and well-being. For women who have experienced intimate partner violence , achieving stability is likely as important for other groups, but can be challenging. We found that obtaining housing that satisfied material needs was important to women.

Our study will specifically focus on how women who have experienced IPV in Canada define stable housing. Broad definitions of housing stability, although useful for understanding general housing trends, do not incorporate women’s personal definitions and realities. Considering the lived-experience of women is important to improving equity, as it allows for an understanding of the dynamics of an issue. When definitions are built using lived-experience, in combination with quantitative measures, researchers are able to gain a deep understanding of an issue while monitoring change over time (Popay et al. 2008). This allowed us to gain a better understanding of housing careers and trajectories.

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Definition and synonyms of stability from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. You know you should be congratulated on your commitment to stability when you’ve lived in the same place your whole life. Because my research started out by locating sufficient conditions for stability in heterogeneous capital goods models, and that problem still fascinates me to this day. There is considerable variation in the degrees of multipartism, party discipline, and the stability of party systems and government coalitions.

  • In addition to this, Ontario’s social housing legislation contains the Special Priority Policy.
  • She noted that she was living in an extremely unstable environment with her abusive partner, and to her, moving into the shelter provided her with more stability.
  • A government can achieve macroeconomic stability by focusing on economic indicators like GDP, inflation, interest rates, and other economic variables.
  • Numerical diffusion is a mathematical term which ensures that roundoff and other errors in the calculation get spread out and do not add up to cause the calculation to “blow up”.
  • Special thanks are owed to the many people at CRICH who contributed to the data collection and the design of the study.
  • Social and professional support networks were viewed as important to their ability to maintain housing stability.
  • Economic stability is an essential factor that affects citizens’ lives.

Future research could attempt to establish a quantitative understanding of the relationship between housing stability and ontological security in women who have experienced IPV and low-income. All of the women in the study were living in social housing (48.8 %), market housing (31.7 %), or transitional housing (19.5 %) at the time of the interviews. Roughly half of the women interviewed were 40 years of age or younger (48.8 %). The majority of participants were born in Canada (90 %) and were White (53.7 %) or Black (14.6 %). Just under half (41.5 %) of the participants were living with dependent children under the age of 18 and most were either separated/divorced (41.5 %) or single (51.2 %).

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In other words, most women have a clear idea of what they are aiming toward in their perceptions of achieving stable housing, but few have actually experienced adequate housing stability in their adult lives. Many of these women had begun the process of achieving stable or more stable housing. Like Dunn , we argue that these women had thought about and envisioned their future housing environments, suggesting that the concepts of housing and home influenced their narratives or biographies of self. The women described what stable housing looked like to them, regardless of whether or not they had experienced this in their adult lives. In this sense, their idealized views of home and stability colonized their future views of self. Women were able to envision how stable housing feels, define what it means, and explain its influence on their children and dependents.

When you have violent outbursts, people began to doubt your mental stability. One can measure economic stability using economic growth and development indicators like GDP, inflation, and HDI. Therefore, comparing these indicators with the previous years and other countries will help an economy perform better. Economists at Nomura Holdings Inc. estimate that the U.S. might face economic instability due to a mild recession in the fourth quarter of 2022 as the Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy to curb inflation. As a result, they project a decline in the economic growth of 1% in the fiscal year 2023 rather than 1.3%.

The state or quality of being stable, or fixed; steadiness. Thus, after storage, a solid product labeled as containing a concentration of CBD of 10 milligrams per gram shall have a detected concentration of CBD that is no more than 11.50 milligrams per gram and no less than 8.50 milligrams per gram. Stabilitymeans the inverse measure of the potential for a material to rapidly decompose. Measured by indicators of microbial activity, such as carbon dioxide production, oxygen uptake, or self-heating. A Global Stability analysis should be coordinated with the project geotechnical engineer and incorporated into the wall design.

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An algorithm for solving a linear evolutionary partial differential equation is stable if the total variation of the numerical solution at a fixed time remains bounded as the step size goes to zero. The Lax equivalence theorem states that an algorithm converges if it is consistent and stable . Stability is sometimes achieved by including numerical diffusion. Numerical diffusion is a mathematical term which ensures that roundoff and other errors in the calculation get spread out and do not add up to cause the calculation to “blow up”.

However, too much debt can threaten the economy and disrupt economic stability. Maintaining stability in an economy is very important as it creates confidence and certainty in the minds of the investors who want to invest in human capital and technological resources. Moreover, the government can identify the indicators of a stable economy and control them. The variables affecting stability include inflation, recession, policy changes, political situation, global market, and fiscal deficits.

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These studies should include measures of safety, comfort, independence, and consistency. Social and professional support networks were viewed as important to their ability to maintain housing stability. Developing trusting relationships within their communities contributed to their social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Relationships were important in women’s definitions of stability. In addition to building trust, which is a key component of ontological security , establishing social connections helped women combat feelings of loneliness which made them vulnerable to returning to abusive relationships.

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DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended definition of stability to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Resistance to change, esp. sudden change or deterioration. The country is now enjoying a period of relative stability and prosperity.

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However, in asking women to define what housing stability meant to them, we found that other factors related to ontological security and the home, such as safety, community, and comfort, contributed to women’s experiences of stability. Women who have been living without a feeling of ontological security are in a sense experiencing displacement from their homes . Robinson argues that IPV has long-term impacts on an individual’s capacity to secure and maintain stable homes. She states that along with the grief and psychological trauma experienced by women facing IPV, there is also an alienation that evolves from “being without the corporeally geographically and socially orienting place of home” . In this sense, homelessness is a “felt-experience of displacement” and housing instability contributes to the trauma women experience when living in or leaving violent households. Given that many women experience forced relocation when they leave an abusive relationship it is worth exploring their experiences of housing instability and ‘home’.

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It can harm the economy as it will reduce economic spending. GDP – The Gross Domestic Product is a crucial macroeconomic indicator. Companies, individuals and the government of one country can suffer if the economy of another nation becomes unstable. The value of their investments may either decline or disappear completely, and suppliers with customers in the country that is in trouble may lose sales. When one economy today becomes unstable, the inflows of capital – international investments and spending from abroad – can decline considerably.

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